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May 31, 2012



No, the base article from Asheville says they identified themselves as EPA agents, also says that they did flash a badge, just claimed to be out of business cards (probably a departmental violation for them). My point in response here is that even one incident of such behavior by a government is bad.


Nice tale o'woe. But A) There was no description of what was in the email that might have been a problem, so that we could judge for ourselves. And B) maybe those weren't actual FBI/government agents, since they were furtive and were unable to ID themselves properly. So some of the logical steps for blanket condemnation of the government (presumably condemnation of Obama, despite his not instructing every single agent who may have been appointed or hired in another administration) are not there. People hear/read what they want to read. Sorry this gentleman was harassed. I was harassed by the FBI as a 20-year-old because my husband's ex-mother-in-law was a Communist. And that was in the 1960s. Under Republican government.

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