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May 07, 2012



PawPaw, I have a bad feeling that this is the time the loser doesn't go away nicely. Hard to pin down the reasons, but suffice it to say that Obama's made some moves which are designed as nothing less than alterations of our Republic into a new form, that of a government-heavy Socialist Republic. To Obama, the Constitution is something to be "planned around", not adhered to. I hope to God I am wrong, but I just can't believe that all of the underpinnings of an entirely new form of Government would have been put into place in the past 3 years if the progenitor of those changes didn't intend to stick around to implement them.

JE Carter, for all his incompetence, still followed his Oath out of office when he was voted out. That Oath, the Constitution it is based on, and the Bible it was "sworn" on, mean nothing to Barack Hussein Obama.

The bad part I see in a Romney win isn't that he will be a weak president himself, I think he will be totally unprepared to fight for the actual office if Obama refuses to leave it or tries to prevent reversion to Constitutional principles if he does grudgingly leave. Romney hasn't said ONE WORD about Un-Do, which MUST be JOB ONE for the GOP. The (D)onks put a trainload of crap into the Federal Register that MUST go away, and go away quickly, or else the (D)onks will have nothing better to do than try to sue Romney and the GOP into oblivion, an entirely possible scenario given the liberal lower Federal courts.


My liberal friends thought the same things about George W. Bush. I had several who told me that they were afraid that when his term was up, he'd refuse to leave the White House and declare himself President for Life. I told those friends that if he tried, the nation would rise up as one to evict him.

Obama would do well to remember who he serves, just as every other President is wise to remember who he serves.

Fortunately, I believe this conversation to be simply hypothertical, because we'll never know. He's a one-termer and he'll leave peacefully in January. Just another has-been. The one good thing about his Presidency is that he will have eclipsed James Earl Carter as the worst President in history.

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