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May 02, 2012



Harbor Fright has a small ultrasonic, part #3305, for $29.99 Mine lasted for years, used it a lot.
Looks like they have a much larger one now, for $75, a 2.5L size. I think that would be a much better deal, more useful due to it's capacity. Part #95563
I think the Charter frame will fit in the small one, if you take off the grip frame. The cylinder certainly will.

The annoying thing about these particular ones are they run on a preset timer system. Which is fine if you are cleaning optics, but frustrating otherwise.

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Patriot Padre

EXCELLENT purchase! I'm envious, cause it's on my top 5 list. Best bang for the buck at the moment! Obama will start by grabbing all the semi autos and high capacity mags... save the revolver and traditional hunting rifle for obvious reasons... don't want to piss everyone off all at the same time, frog in the pot, slow boil thing, ya know. Now... if someone will make a good quality and affordable .40 S&W (non-semi auto) rifle. While it's not an ideal hunting rifle, at least it'll save me from having to spring for the Charter Arms .357 or .44 revolver and a compatible lever action rifle! And yes, you're spot-on about the .40 S&W round. I know you're arsenal, Dog... a great addition!

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