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June 29, 2012


Patriot Padre

Dog...Chief Justice Roberts intention may very well have been what you say, but I fear he grossly misjudged the state of our society. 3 key factors exist that translate into support for Obama's re-election campaign and likely victory. (1) an overwhelming amount of retiring baby boomers fearful of having no health insurance. (2) 10+ million illegals waiting to suckle at the breast of Lady Liberty and (3) a current mainstream society that's so wrapped up in itself they're totally oblivious (or maybe they don't care) to the clear and present dangers before their very eyes. Roberts gamble may have just signed America's death warrant? Metaphorically speaking, He had Obama's political career in his cross hairs and he failed to take the shot, for which we all will now pay dearly unless the Republicans and Almighty God perform a miracle.


Rivrsis: yep, good for business, has actually run something besides a basketball fantasy team, will bring back some of the respect for the USA that Obama has pissed away with the "apology tour"....need I go on?


You're right, Dawg, Roberts did find that it violated Commerce. He could have said Done at that point and we wouldn't be having this discussion. However, he twisted himself and Constitutional law into a pretzel to give The Lightworker a win. We were stabbed in the back by the Chief Justice himself, and I'll not forget it.

I'm still not smitten with Mittens, but elections have consequences and he's the one that the Republicans have elected to fly the banner. He's still responsible for RomneyCare so I suppose it's a choice of getting screwed by the Democrats, or getting screwed by the Republicans.

This year, I'm voting for the not Obama, unless the not-Obama gets 666 tatoo'd across his forehead.

But that doesn't change the point that we were yesterday screwed by John Roberts hisself. If I ever get the opportunity, I intend to piss down his leg and tell him it's raining.


Rivrdog: Can you state any reason, OTHER than a) not-Obama and b) "business leader" for your support of Mittens?


PawPaw, I have to disagree. Roberts DID find it violated the Commerce clause. That was what the FUBARs by CNN & Fox News, who both called it too early, were all about. The whole, "Yes, it violated the Commerce Clause but it's okay as a tax" bit was all about. the whacky way the majority opinion was read.

My point is, Chief Justice Roberts could have gone either way, so he went against his political philosophy just to wake us all up. You are a mainstream conservative, as I am, and fess up now, you weren't too terribly turned on by Mittens, were you? I wasn't either. I'm saluting his flag now, and just sent him the max donation I can take off my taxes, and I'll probably send him more later that I can't deduct.


I tend to agree with what I have read so far on the descision, which is along the line of Roberts said it is a tax, and the supreme cannot kill a tax.

It does put it back on the electorate, We need elect people who are going to stop the classless arguement of classism.

If the ones we elect do not do the job, rinse and repeat. If we keep kicking them out of office, it will be corrected.

The question remains is it enough soone enough. We also have the question of since we are being led by avowed criminals, will they obey the law when the time comes for them to step down.

I think it is all about power, and once given power, tyrants will not give up without a fight.

I don't think Roberts is a liberal, he took the only path he could see to ensure the next election would not keep Obama in power.


Oh, bullshit, I am heartily weary of everyone trying to pass this as some sort of victory. We lost, okay? Lost big.

Had Roberts wanted to support the Constitution , he could have sided with the four conservatives and found that it was an over-reach under the Commerce Clause. He didn't. He found that it was a tax and said that the Gov could tax anything. That, sir, is the largest expansion of federal power since the New Deal. Congress can tax anything. Get used to it.

The one bone he threw us is to remind us that elections have consequences: "It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices." And there you have it, sir, a stunning loss for freedom, a huge victory for the socialists, and a reminder that we should be more careful who we elect.

I'm putting Roberts in the liberal camp. He has shown his stripes this week.

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