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June 11, 2012



The Navy would call that an Engineman.


Indeed, I made mine out of pieces of 8" pipe welded to the ends of turnbuckle eyes. I riveted on a piece of belt so i didn't damage the pulley, and the 8" was pretty much a good fit (It was only a segment 3" wide) for most of the pulleys it would touch.

I've seen them just made with Y shaped bard welded to the ends, too, and they were dipped in that plier handle material. I bet a short piece of vacuum line or even some duct tape would do that same job pretty well.

I still have these because they still use D, B, and A belts on industrial drives.

I wonder what you'd call a nautical garagineer? A dockineer?


You need a hat stretcher with the ends reversed. What? They don't sell hat stretchers anymore either? I should probably hold onto mine so it doesn't get repurposed and put to work tightening v-belt pulleys.

My Dad had one of your tightening tools in the bottom drawer of his tool box for years. It's probably still there.

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