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June 17, 2012



Turns out some forests require a fire to clean out the brush and regenerate. Doesn't kill mature trees, normally. However, when you have a fire-suppression system that never lets this happen, combined with the environmentalists restricting any use of it, you end up with fires that burn so hot that everything dies. Add in something that kills trees in large numbers, like the fungus(?) that killed the oaks here in CA, and they are virtually unstoppable due to the much greater than typical fuel load.

Turns out the forest isn't as static a place as the "caretakers" thought, and meddling with nature on such a broad basis was based on a flawed picture.
This continent was covered with forests before the colonists arrived. Lightning generated fires were a normal occurrence. What makes us think we know better?


We've got lots of trees in this part of Central Louisiana, and just exactly one Wilderness Area. Guess what burns every six or eight years? Yeah, it's perfectly natural for an over-mature forest to catch fire every decade or so and burn to the ground, but what a waste of good raw materials. Our pine plantations support healthy populations of deer, hogs, dozens of species of bird, squirrel, rabbit, all manner of jumping/hopping/ crawling things. Give me managed timber over a wilderness area every time.

Ragin' Dave

Look, the environmental movement is essentially a Marxist movement. They really don't give a damn about the forests, except as a way to prevent commerce and stifle the economy that depends on lumber. The reason we're not managing the forests is because the environmental groups understand that actually managing the forests would run counter to their goals.

When square miles of forest turn into an inferno, just remember that is the ACTUAL GOAL of the environmental groups. Because they've successfully prevented that forest from being used in a capitalistic activity.


Very good post. My family raised longleaf and slash pine here in north Florida since the 1840's.
You hit the 3 nails on their heads. Thinning, timber fire lanes, and combatting insects.


I'm a contrary SOB. What if it's like everything else the liberals do. A deliberate action to eliminate any human activity where they don't want it. Might explain the number of fires & the intensity. Anyone can watch the weather & know when there are a dry conditions & wind. Call me suspicious.

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