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June 01, 2012



I wish I had a nickel for every mile I have in 141's and 130's. I was a Hawg crew chief for damn near all my 21 years, minus a year or two on F-4's and T-38's, and did a LOT of TDY's. Still doing it for an air ambulance company here in Squarebanks.

Drop a line if you ever get up this way....


I used to do the "Tuesday Redeye" AK resupply run frequently, even as a Reserve trash-hauler crew-whore. We'd leave McChord in mid afternoon, fly down to Travis, pick up about 8 pallets of fresh veggies and 5 of other assorted necessities, turn and fly to Elmendorf (pretty much a max crew day, was good for 2.5 AFTPs (two dot five pay days), then RON at Elemendorf, and fly the chain to Adak, then back to Elmendorf or FT Wainright for RON again, then back to the Conus with Pax or AGE for depot repair.

Never got to spend enough time in AK to do anything on the ground, but suffice it to say, Alaska Air Command couldn't have existed without MAC. It was really MAC's salad days, they had just upgraded all the C141s to air-refuelable, and stretched them for 3 more pallets, and all the C5s had just come on line also.


Fashion up here in the Frozen Freakin' North is whatever keeps you warm and accessorizing depends solely on whether you're carrying a fly rod or a rifle. Dressing up is a clean pair of Carharrt's and swapping your bunnyboots for Sorrell's. That chunky gal walking in front of you may not be that bad lookin' after you take off 50 lbs for arctic gear and long johns and 3 sizes off her feet for the bunnyboots....

That flight to Elmo must have been in February.....coulda been worse. Might have been Shemya!

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