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June 11, 2012



The trick to defeating a bully, or anyone for that matter, is speed. I'm not a big guy, but I can hit the nose in a half a second. I'm fast. No pushing and shoving for me. You just have to commit to do it. It works. When I was a teenager, I took a guy out, who had 100 lbs. on me, in less than a second. I was never bothered again. I think some Moo Duk Kwan and a little White Crane had something to do with it, but I just reacted. It's all about speed.


I think that everyone gets bullied. I believe this is something that all of us have to go through. I did not like being bullied so, I avoided that path. I would go out of my way to stay away for "trouble". I was not the kind of person to fight back. I am glad to know that this too passes. School and High School was awful. It was that way for my children, too. We all make it through it with the support of your family and friends. I think it makes us stronger and it shows us how not to act towards people.


Your sis was even runtier, and usually it was my teachers who were the bullies - a little harder to deal with. Mostly, I just endured, because we moved every year and a half or so, and I'd be gone out of there in a while. Or I out-talked (smart-mouthed?) the teachers, and so got sent somewhere else, and sometimes that was interesting - like the school library. Sometimes it wasn't, like being locked in the janitorial closet, and handed a roll of toilet paper and told to wash the sink. This sink had suffered decades of having tempura paints poured into it and left to dry. I carefully, day after day being locked up in there, washed exactly half the sink with the line right down the middle. One half gleaming white, the other dirty. The teacher was furious (as I had anticipated with no little snide glee). My excuse to her was that she'd only given me one roll of toilet paper. Heh heh. There were mean people back then, and smarties, too.

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