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June 01, 2012



I must be doub;le damned as I have had two catholic wives. As to Gun Control, that would be trigger discipline?

Windy Wilson

You can bet this Father was a sock-puppet for things O'Reilly found impolitic to say himself. If Gun Control was so useful for safety as opposed to character and values, Chicago should be among the safest places in the US, and Texas and Virginia the most violent. Heck, Prisons should be the safest places, as EVERYTHING is ostensibly controlled by the authorities there.
That Chicago and prisons are not safe reveals the moral flaws in the good father's (and ventriloquist O'Reilly's) argument.


Okay then: I will acknowledge that this TeeVee bit for which O'Reilly has earned the June Maroon Award happened in May, but since it's effect lingers well into June, I have given him the June award. It makes no nevermind, anyway, because had I given him the May award, there likely would have been no June challenger strong enough to take the Award away from him anyway, since defending the 2A is the highest and best use of bandwidth here.

Besides, I yam the Editor here, and I write the rules and change them at will!

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