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July 04, 2012



Happy Fourth, old friend. I'm spending it quietly, alone, by choice. Nothing planned except a trip to the airport later to pick up my lady, who is returning today from an errand of mercy. Just the dog and I, eating baloney sammiches and drinking iced tea.


Mmany of us leftie CITIZENS! agree with you on the ever-encroaching surveillance of ordinary people in this country. There can be only one real reason for this, and it's not catching criminals. It's controlling the population, micromanaging it. With the surveillance in place, the reasons for this control can vary according to who's in charge of its system. Remember, any President is only as aware of this as he is told by HIS (not likely to be a woman) controllers. Whose controllers do you like? That's the decision you make in November. Meanwhile, Happy Fourth!

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