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July 07, 2012



Not junkyards....nosiree. This is one of the few venues where Criagslist shines.

Select "electronics" in the For Sale categories, then begin scrolling as fast as you can, and still see the listings. You'd think using the search feature would work, but there are far more listings and word descriptions for what you're looking for that LEAVE OUT your search terms, that scrolling is the better path.

I see all kinds of OEM pull-outs listed therein. (at least here in the Houston area) Doubtless you'll find a good unit thre, too. And in MUCH better condition than the junk from junkyards.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

bob r

Alcohol free gas: http://pure-gas.org/index.jsp

I use it in my '92 Explorer (185,000 miles) and get more even idle and close to a 1 mpg improvement in fuel efficiency -- a little more than 5% 18 -> 19. Doesn't quite "pay for itself" but the improved operation and probable improved life of the engine are worth it for me. I also happen to drive, every day, directly by the only station in town that sales it.

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