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August 13, 2012



Umm, Sir? I am very sorry about my logorrhea in the comments, lately. I am afraid I got carried away when I noticed you'd quit using your very difficult and annoying captchas.

Patriot Padre

Enjoy the rare and hard-to-find father-daughter bonding time in the great outdoors of beautiful North Central Oreeegone! Keep her focused on the straight and narrow.... right of center, path! She's a great gal (and Doc) and I know, pride of her father's eye!


Dandy little lever rifle. I've got one and it's a favorite.


Yep, I love the little leverguns, and I especially love the fact that they are inoffensive to most (see my comments in the piece, "Hell on Wheels"), but pack the power to do the job on anything on THIS continent you might want to dispatch. The .357, in a "rifle" loading of 180 grains, will do just fine on small (Blacktail) deer and most hogs, unless you run into Hogzilla and he's after you. The .44 version, using some of the bone-crushing 300-gr hard-cast Flat Nose "bear loads", will handle ALL the rest. Yeah, you can go heavier in a lever gun. I've shot a .450 Marlin, and frankly, after 5 rounds, I wouldn't shoot one again. Not fun. Just punishment. If you do the exterior ballistics on 300-gr Hornady XTP, and you excuse the parabolic flight (our ancestors excused parabolic flight of boolits for centuries), you will find that it will still kill thin-skinned game at 500 yards!

I've now determined to examine the older offerings of Marlin and maybe Winchester to see if somehow I can get by that overly-complex safety system that the new Marlins have. Also, I might start looking at lower-power scopes so as to be able to use those longer distances to hunt.

Gerry Nygaard

I learned long ago not to depend on "Living off The Land" unless I wanted to lose a lot of weight fast. With the quick to fix and very tasty supermarked foods available, meals for a week or two shouldn't fill a liquor case. I could make up a grocery list, but I figure you know what you're doing. On a car camping trip like that I'd take a 20# bottle of propane, a good little 2 burner stove and at least one propane lantern and a few 16oz canisters of fuel for it. I also have a Coleman folding oven and have used it for biscuits and desserts. "Works a treat" as our Brit cousins say. Anyway, good luck fishing and have a good trip.

Gerry N.

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