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August 08, 2012



I don't hate people who play the viola; I feel sorry for them. If more people had paid attention to Carleen Maley Hutchins, there would be no more violas, but Alto Violins instead.

There is, of course, no excuse for the existence of saxophones and saxophonists.


Um, violence has been with us since that Eve gal had the conversation with the Snake. Humans are the most dangerous monkeys on the planet. Only a human will kill you if you are playing that annoying saxophone and getting on his nerves.

(I hate saxophones, and most saxophonists.)

Humans need to be properly regulated so that we don't murder each other too much. Unfortunately, the Powers That Be seem to be into improperly regulating us, these days.



The problem with most (all?) Dem presidents is a desire to micro-manage a war. That is NOT their job, especially since they are so BAD at it. That is why the Soviets ended up in control of so many countries after WWII, why Vietnam turned out so bad, and on and on... Not that all the Repubs did such a hot job, either. Basically, they need to tell the military to go win the war, then sit down and shut up. If not, don't start one in the first place!

As far as the American Civil War:
Lincoln should not have started that war. This country would have ended up in much better shape. The slave situation would have gone away soon enough, due to economic factors (technology). If we had ended up permanently split in two, so what. We all would have ended up better off. We killed the South, and it never recovered totally, which means we are still paying a price for that idiocy.

The military had no idea what they were doing. If the soldiers on both sides had known what sort of hell their so called leaders created, no one would have shown up. Lincoln ended up creating a scorched earth war policy, the same thing the worlds armies ended up copying in later wars, and we so disapproved of them for. Lincoln was an ass. One of the worst presidents ever.

F'ing politicians of the world learned nothing from that war, witness the idiocy of WWI. England never recovered from that fiasco, in any way, shape, or form. The rest of Europe died in the continuation war, called WWII. The muslims will own it shortly, due to that.

Aamir Ilyas

Best combination of words. keep it up


Well said Riverdog.


Falacy #2: This isn't a "conversation", just a meme-filled screed. "Marxist", "resign", "STFU" [how civil is that?], "weasel", "shady dealings". None of this has anything to do with violence - and note that no mention was made of "gun violence" in Obama's statement. Do we have a civil right to bomb buildings? People? Meanwhile, I'm so very sorry you weren't able to perform more violence, enough to "get the job done". Maybe a nuke or two? Better stop here or it'll be a screed, too!


Falacy #1: We were a much more "God-fearing" nation of Judeo-Christians (you could probably leave out the "Judeo" on part)on both sides at the time of the civil war, and that time was a lot more violent than the present day.

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