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August 09, 2012



P.s. This is totally off-topic, but I believe you were in the right to get crossways with Kim DuToit. Anybody who is incapable of appreciating SF is obviously somebody whose brain doesn't work right. You may tell Kim I said that.


Rivr, I think yer autitude is showing here, or at least yer BAPishness. Hey, I R 1, 2!

What I mean is, that we earnest folks who actually care about things like this are way the hell in the minority of the population, most people being neurotypical doodahs who will do as they were programmed to do. By all means, stock up on canned goods and ammo. Hell, I have a can of tuna and a can of sardines and a box and a half of ammo, m'self! (Yes, I am _that_ poor.)


Thanks, Patriot Padre, and of course, you are shielded.

Patriot Padre

I'm the person that was told this information. Over the past few years I've personally purchased more ammo and guns from this dealer than anywhere else. My wife, a USPSA handgun shooter, buys her ammo in bulk from Atlanta Arms and Ammo. Me, a rifle shooter, I shop and compare prices and I've never questioned my dealer's integrity. Being a seasoned criminal investigator for a state law enforcement agency, I naturally wondered if this was "sales hype" to sell ammo in light of recent news events. I saw no evidence this was the case. This may be the "early" stages of things to come? I suggest all who read "Dog's" post on this topic and are shooters, do their own checking. Contact your ammo and gun dealers and watch their adds over the next few weeks. Ask if their ammo purchases are being restricted, allocated or controlled. If prices suddenly rise or frequently change like gasoline, ask your dealer why! In the meantime, it's probably prudent to buy what ammo you need as you can afford to buy it. If prices get to high, consider buying in bulk with your buddies and share the cost. I have a sneaking suspicion ammo may soon rise to the ranks of gold and silver, meat and corn and gas and oil. And count me in also for another $20.


Jeb, scooping the MSM isn't hard, because they would round-file this story, just like they did with Gun walker.

Hang onto the $$ for now, I'm creating a non-digital list of supporters for now...


Count me in on this one.... I'll pitch in $20. Email me w/ the transfer details. I want to see you scoop the G-D MSM!

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