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August 19, 2012


Gerry Nygaard

Lemme tell ya, Gettin' a cataract removed is less traumatic than an ingrown toenail. The prelim. paperwork takes an hour three days before surgery and Rx/s for eye drops early enough to take effect. Time in at the Surgery Center: 08:30. Time in the surg. theater, 09:00 Walk out of Surg. Theater, 09:20 Time home, 10:15. Discomfort, minimal. Inconvenience, minimal. Vision cleared the next morning when Surgeonette lifted the edge of the incision to relive inter ocular pressure. She gave me a single anasthetic eye drop for that so I felt nothing. Final follow up in two weeks, surgery on port eye, three.

There were some other tests before hand because I'm overweight and diabetic, but I'm used to talking to doctors, and several of mine are drop dead gorgeous which kind of eases the pain.

The time lag getting home was due to stopping off at Burg. King. for the Saus., pancake & Egg breakfast. My fav. fast food thing on the planet. So Far. Even better than 5 Guys Burgers.

Gerry N

Gerry Nygaard

If you have cataracts as I do/did, have your sighting eye corrected first. My Optical Surgeonette was non-plussed that I selected my Starboard Blinker to be done first even though it was far less affected than the Port side. What nearly floored her was that I told her it was because my Stbd. eye is my sighting eye when shooting. Her assistant, Rick, is a more or less retired Naval Aviation "Corpseman" and totally supported my decision. She didn't understand how important it is to me (and Rick) That we be able to shoot accurately without optical assistance. (Riflescopes for the uninitiated.) She came around though, and I'll have my Portside Blinker done in about three weeks.

If I didn't mention it, my right eye is now as sharp as it was 45 years ago. Iron sights on my various rifles are once again wonderfully sharp. Several scopes will now be returned to their boxes and stored in the top drawer of my desk. YAY! A scope on an M1 Carbine is just wrong. That scope will shortly be adapted to one of my .22 LR Cal. M69 Romanian Training Rifles. Nice little rifles for $50, but the factory sights suck green pond water.

Gerry N.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yeah, I've been pondering this for several years, Gerry. I guess I need to push it from an oughtado to a willdo.


What alot of seniors do is live 185 days in Florida and claim residency, and the balance of the calender year in the liberal hellhole that they did their working life in. We grandpas and grandmas are safe here, we're surrounded by fresh fish, and, there are no cliffs here.

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