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August 08, 2012



In that I cannot view the site's Fakebook based comments, would you mind running an update with a distillation of the responses therein?

Good job there, 'dawg.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Editor Sez:

Cap'n, I cain't read thems neither. I don't have FarceBook, never have and never will. I CAN tell you that in the next two dead-tree editions after my Op-Ed, no letters were published about those EEEVIL GUNS. I saw a similar sentiment over at Joe Huffman's place, but it seems that after the liberl Editors invited all of us to converse about EEVIL GUNS, and we conversed, their side was embarrassed into silence.


Ah, yes, the bomb-nav guy gets the ordnance on target; the pilots are just there to help him out. I am not being a smartass, that seemed to be how it worked.

EDITORS NOTE: The motto was "You row the boat, we'll shoot the ducks", and there was an official cartoon that went with that motto, it was the flyleaf page of the Bomb-Nav Op Manual for the B-52.

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