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August 27, 2012


Mike Cornelia

I just had my Toyota Tacoma lifted at Rocky Ridge Lifted Trucks. I was never a fan of the lifted look until I drove one of my friends trucks the other week. I loved the elevation of the truck and just the pure size. It really is a man's car when you look at it. I am so happy I decided on doing this to my truck.


I've seen a few people construct ramps for the same situation you have. Usually for motorhomes and campers. They normally build two separate ramps, for easier portability. Some never remove them, but that depends on city conditions. Some even extended over the grass strip, if they weren't allowed to pour concrete or lay paving blocks in it.
Some had wheels that could be mounted so they could be wheeled back to a storage spot when not in use.

Unfortunately, some of the local cities have now banned parking motorhomes, campers, and boats on residential properties.


There are several Pick-n-Pull wrecking yards in the Portland area.
Check the bolt sizes on your truck before going, to make sure you have the correct size sockets/wrenches. A 24" breaker/flex bar would be a good thing to have ($12 at Harbor Fright).

Look for a good bumper, or a frame mounted hitch (bolt-on), or some combination of the two. Lots of aftermarket bumpers have a hitch built-in to them. Check Both Mazda and Ranger pickups, and also the Explorer/Navaho SUV's, as they should all be the same frame in the rear. There should be a fairly wide span of years that are interchangeable in these vehicles. If in doubt when looking at a unit, you can always do a trial fit on another truck in the yard. (They should be able to tell you what years are the same, if you haven't found out before hand) They do have an exchange system (30 days), so if you find it not to your satisfaction, you can swap if for a correct one.

Take a small tarp or other ground cloth to lay on under the vehicle. They should have small carts there to carry the parts up to the register area.
Should be about $50 +$5core for a complete bumper. $26 for a hitch. If you find a custom/combo unit, don't point out it has a hitch, just call it a bumper. Sometimes they want to get creative with pricing.
If things get very rusty in your area, a spray lube/penetrating oil might be useful.


Pick-n-pull has a website you can use to check whether there are any trucks in the yards in your area. Along with parts pricing.


You could heat the bumper up with a torch from underneath, slowly, bang it back into place with a few well placed taps of a hammer, and then have a couple of stiffeners welded in for what would be a fairly small price. The downside is your bumper's weakened already and if you beef it up, the next stress will be transferred to your trailer.... Maybe take a look at your local salvage yard.... Every one drives on used parts......they might have, or may be able to get, a replacement bumper for less than what it would cost to slap an aftermarket one in place.

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