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September 18, 2012



I'm with Jim, I'll stand by their side.


I wonder if the IDF will take an ageing 54 y/o volunteer?

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX


At Masada, the Jews fought off a force over 10 times their size for months, then when the Roman engineering legion finally breached their fortress, they killed themselves rather than be taken. When you face dedicated warriors like that, you can't win.


We're going to need new maps. I don't believe that Bibi is going to give it back, after he takes it.

Gerry N.

Thaere are what, six million Israelis, not all of whom are Jews? Opposed by over 2 1/2 Billion raghead donkey boinkers who are scared shitless of them? The donkey boinkers have good reason for fear. During Israel's war for independance there were dozens of stories from MUSLIM fighter who saw angels sitting or standing behind Jewish fighters who were vastly outnumbered, out of ammunition, water and food yet who were victorious. I am becoming more and more religious as I grow older. That seem to be a common thing, I do not know if God will accept me when I shuffle off this mortal coil, I hope so, but in the meanwhile I give money for Pizza for the IDF and little things like that. If twenty or thirty million Americans did little bits, we could turn the tide against the donkey boinking kiddie diddlers including those in Washington Dee Cee. Perhaps the old Viet Nam era slogsn was correct. "Kill 'em all, God will sort 'em out."

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