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September 15, 2012



Our boy Nakoula still has is 1stA rights. What he lost in the adjudication was the right to use the internet and to use computers for anywhere but work. He can say whatever he wants to say, he simply cannot say it online because he used the internet to defraud others.

I'm with his probation officers on this one, and there's no indication that he's been arrested, simply summoned for questioning. How, for example, after being ordered to not use the internet, did his film wind up on YouTube? Good questions that the Probation officer should ask. How was it edited, if not on computer? Where is the computer (by the way) and what has Nakoula been doing with it?

Sometimes electronic offenders are, as a condition of probation, forbidden from using computers at all. Which means that they can't drive a car, or use a telephone as both of those have computers. These days, they might be forbidden to use a television.

Naah, this boy's first amendment rights are fine. He can stand on street corners and shout all day long. What he can't do is use a computer.

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