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September 20, 2012


Gerry Nygaard

Fixed it. My teevee shows only DVD's I let it play. The Missus likes a few shows, she watches in the bedroom. I come to bed at OMG!:30 and use her teevee for a nite lite until I'm all settled in then it goes off.

I put up an antenna so all she gets is on air signals. We can afford them.

We also got, in effect, a $150 per month raise. We still get broadband intarw3bz for $45/month. I told ComCast they could thank Fauxbama for us dropping cable. Food and fuel come first.

Gerry Nygaard


Tho I don't see (Russian) RT as socialist, it is frequently non-capitalist and anti-US Government. In fact, I usually don't watch it any more, because what I like are the vignettes about odd bits of Russian culture, wildlife and folk customs, and I have no idea when they are going to come on. And don't forget "Honey Boo Boo", likely the WORST reality show yet. Perhaps worse than those teenagers shut up in a fancy house to screw and backbite each other shows. Worse yet are the people making excuses for Honey BB: Oh they are such a loving family, they are trying to lose weight, etc. Ain't worth it, 'cause you gotta watch a pet pig poop on the kitchen table. (This was in a trailer - I really, really don't watch it). Also, there's the handy-dandy "recall" button on the remote, that takes you to your last channel (NFL, maybe?).

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