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October 30, 2012


Gordon J. Fulks, PhD

Yes, we are once again faced with the great opportunists like Blumenauer trying to promote Global Warming at every opportunity. But unlike many others who do the same thing, Earl can be held responsible for his actions, because he has enough of an education to know better. Of course, he has no scientific qualifications but should at least be able to apply basic logic.

Hurricane Sandy was not much of a hurricane, perhaps not one at all as it made landfall. So let's call it an impressive Tropical Storm or Nor'easter, not a Hurricane Katrina. Why did it cause as much damage as it did? The answers are simple. It came ashore at high tide in a very developed area with many expensive homes. The flood damage was a disaster waiting to happen. When people build homes in vulnerable areas (places that periodically flood) this is going to happen. Perhaps Earl, we need to change building codes to prevent people from rebuilding where they are most vulnerable. Or perhaps they should pay insurance premiums consistent with the risk.

Was this storm "consistent with" Global Warming as the propagandists love to say? I hope Al Gore and Earl Blumenauer will stand on a snowdrift in West Virginia to make this claim. Heavy snow in the Appalachian mountains was one consequence of this storm. This storm would have been far more destructive if it had occurred earlier in the hurricane season when the ocean was warmer.

If hurricanes were really increasing as climate fanatics claim, we should have seen more of them since Katrina. The simple truth is that we are experiencing a relative lull in monster storms not an epidemic.

Come on Earl, those of us who live in Multnomah County expect a little intelligence from our congressman.

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)
Corbett, Oregon USA


P.S. Science is profoundly non-political. Although too many scientists on the Left have signed on to the Global Warming scare for political and economic reasons, many good ones have not.

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