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October 23, 2012


Patriot Padre

While knowing "the Rivrdog" personally and having shared some "USAF time" and "cop time" with him... I find myself on occasion having to side with (and even liking) "the Rivrsis" (LOL) in the Bro & Sis sibling exchanges, but in this case, though... I think Romney was the clear winner in the long term and in critical points and meaningful issues. Me thinks the "the Bro" might want to avoid the write-in campaign at this juncture and keep his powder dry for another day and a bigger battle, as I fear Obama will steal away a close election in the end due to voter apathy, ignorance and what seems to be a lack of understanding by many of what "really" constitutes "true" American patriotism, allegiance and sacrifice. Tis truly sad to watch the probable demise of a once great people and the unraveling of a foundering nation? God save us all, as the end result may be far worse than we could ever imagine!


So, don't vote for Romney. Write yourself in, or something. Vote for the state and local candidates and issues.

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