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October 30, 2012


Ken Johnson

Hear ye, hear ye it is indeed a pleasure to be in alignment from a logical perspective with a truly educated, analytical and articulate scholar. I voted absentee in the swing state with the largest electoral prize.

FYI I also served as a public steward at both the federal and state levels (part-time with 3,642 points in the reserve forces and PERS). Now I have a better "insight" into the moniker ... MR. FEARLESS.

In closing, it is my hope and prayer that you have good health during a lengthy sunset period!

A past and current public steward
Ken, CPA (Florida)

Editor's Note: You're very kind, Ken, but I am NOT "Mr. Fearless". That moniker belongs to someone else, who also goes by the handle of "The PERS Professor". He's a retired Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Portland State University. I am a graduate of PSU (1967), but I never attained any credentials there other than my AB degree.



Lance Parker

Superb...what else can I say. I am now a devotee of your blog. Thanks for this excellent analysis and amazing writing.

Randy Kolb

Great post. I never can understand conservatives who swear by the basic tenants of honesty and commitment and following the law and yet who are completely willing to disregard all of that in order to get at public retirees. They are hypocrites plain and simple. I am another who abandoned the Republican party.


Hooray! Common sense and reasonable self-interest prevail. I entirely agree that contracts are meant to be fulfilled. Not abrocated one-sidedly. All those pensioners actually still receiving them HELP REDUCE the government expenses - decently-pensioned people require less medical and civil assistance. And they EARNED the pensions as part of their fiscal compensation for their work. Same goes for Social Security, please recall.

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