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November 11, 2012



But did he have a teleprompter say Hand Salute?


He's not the "N" word. We can't use that anymore.

The correct term now is: "Caucasionally Challeged".

There, glad to help!

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX


Two words that kept Bill in office? President Gore. Impeach this yahoo, and then toss him out, and we get.....President Biden. Toss 'em both and we get another President Clinton. The guy's annoying at best, but he's like the sniper who keeps missing. You don't shoot that guy, his replacement may do way more damage......


The boy is a Method actor. Have you heard him assume the accent of Southern Black folks? He was never in the South in his life until he started running for President, but he got the ol'plantation accent down perfectly.

Now, a case could be made, that if you teach a young sojer the proper rituals, he will internalize them and thus behave correctly in later life.

Believe me, I know this; I spent my entire adolescence as a bandsman, and it is very difficult for me to walk anywhere at any speed either faster, or slower, than 120 steps per minute.

The Prez was never any kinda sojer. He is using his acting skills, so as not to piss off even more, those of us who are already hoppin' mad at him.

It's tactical.

After all he's done in the past, well, I'm glad he observes the forms, but it would take some serious convincing arguments to make me think he actually means it.

Mountain Mike Donohue

Please Brother George don't give that illegal nigger any recognition
for anything!!! Obumba is a piece of black trash who has discredited
and defamed the office of the POTUS in so many ways there too nummerous
to mention!!! Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when we need his expertise???

EDITOR'S NOTE: Brother Mike, we assume that persons of Gov't persuasion can also read this blog...

Gerry N.

I'm thinking his minders know he's gonna be dipped in shit and deep fried shortly so he needs every little feelgood benefit he can muster to keep it from happening as long as possible. I don't care a whit how well he behaves right now, I want that worse than useless POS gone. As in impeached, tried, convicted, thrown out of office, arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for about oh, say, 650 years or so. For starters.

Gerry N.


Too damned little too damned late.

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