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November 22, 2012



I'm wondering when the Syrian insurgents will get control of the WMD's that Assad has. His home-grown stuff plus what came from Iraq could do real damage to Israel. I'm guessing that Syria will attain glow-in-the-dark status after it gets used. Providing that the Israeli's don't go in and grab it first.

I was reading that when things were looking really bad in the Yom Kippur war, that they started shipping nukes to the airfield, and began assembling them. The battles started going their way before they got them mated to the bombers, so they returned them to storage. THAT story should have the attention of every head of state in that part of the world.

Which reminds me of the news video from back when Saddam was tossing SCUD's at Israel. The general pointing out to a pair of fighter-bombers with oddly sized weapons hanging under the wings, and stating "if those SCUD missiles are armed with any kind of WMD, those planes will launch". IIRC, that was the first time Israel publicly acknowledged they were a nuclear power.

Also, the experts think that the Israeli's have bumped the British down a position on the list of nuclear warheads owned. Puts them at #4, I think. They've got land based ICBM's, gravity bombs (well, aircraft carried), and sub launched cruise missiles.

They have short range stuff, too. Lots of tactical warheads, such as artillery. I suspect they have just about everything except hand grenades!

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