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November 09, 2012


Richard Bergerson

We have a right, and an obligation to protect and defend our borders, not with some silly fence but with armed forces using (maybe developing) hi-tech equipment. KUDOS to the POTUS for some deportation and for concentrating on the worst, but that is only half the problem. We need to register and TRACK our "visitors" and deport those that aren't law-abiding.
Register, state of the art photo ID card with at least a thumbprint and a unique number. ALL businesses must use card and e-verify for existing workers and new workers (and periodicly afterwards, maybe every 3 years?) - all subject to severe penalities if not following the law.
You need the card to receive public assistance, to receive hospital care unless you pay in full at time of service. You need the card to regiser kids in school. And law enforcement won't bother you when stopping you if have the card (and are reasonably respectful).
The IRS will create a 1099-Welfare form for public assistance and unpaid hospital bills, which will have to be reported come tax time (or public assistance will be told to cease payments and card voided). Everyone, including citizens, must report their welfare. If it turns out over a period of time that a visitor is more of a taker than a giver, deport. Every "visitor" files a tax form, if they show no income and no welfare, maybe they are working under the table or engaged in illegal activity. We register, then track; and we want to keep the best. Obama's program of non-harrassment unless caught breaking the law leaves all the good workers in limbo, no real rights, fifth class citizens.
They would pay social security, and have a right to half-credit of it if they become citizens, and 100% of citizen contributions thereafter - meanwhile bolstering the system a tad.
Just a first draft, subject to change. But we do need to register and track them rather than granting some blank amnesty. I'm not sure how we can prevent them from sending money home, that is the primary purpose the hard workers come here.


The big problem I see with the Spanish speaking immigrants (both legal and illegal), is they have no interest in joining our culture. They bring their own f'ed up culture with them, and are happy with it. I have zero interest in having them here in the US, due to that problem, and it is a MAJOR problem.

As for the border, perhaps it could be designated a free-fire zone, if we can't get .gov forces there. Maybe with a bounty, with bonuses for extras like drug mule, etc. (yeah, I'm being facetious. Well, maybe a little.)


Hadrian's Wall didn't work or the Brits would be Italian. The Great Wall of China didn't work, or the Manchurians and others would not have overtaken the Han and snatched the Imperial seat from them. The Berlin Wall -- need I go on? Sorry, no solution here, either. The border's too big, and runs through too deserted a landscape, for walls. And deploying the military would look bad, would probably be bad, and would probably deprive the military of many otherwise excellent volunteers who happen to be hispanic. There are only so many southern white boys for the job. And not enough suitable women.

EDITOR'S NOTE: "Suitable women"? Would those be the Camp Followers that Julius Caesar described so well in the "Gallic Wars"? I would n't worry much. In my experience at war, the Camp Followers were there before the soldiers...

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