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November 07, 2012



I didn't like the Nevyan comment. It's all about revenge. Revenge in your own town, neighborhood. It's not about any kind of achievement, either left or right. It's that mean-spirited attitude that sank your party last night. Rise from the muck, Republicans and Independent righties, and do something POSITIVE and PATRIOTIC for our country, instead of attacking the neighborhood market.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't see that as revenge. Since the objective of these laws is more government control over private property, sometimes for valid reasons, often not, the laws are supposed to apply equally to all properties. The fact that some of those who support the current regime use that support to expect a pass on the codes is nothing more than political corruption. As this blog sees it, political corruption ought to be opposed every time it can be discovered. Almost all the time, the property owner in violation receives a notice to remedy, and there is no fine if the remedy is applied.

As to fighting the Green Agenda using obstructionist tactics, well, I consider the entire Green Agenda an obstructionist tactic. It obstructs the use of private or personal property, and frequently, the laws are based on trumped-up claims with dubious "science" behind them.

Nope, Rivrsis, nothing I've suggested here is improper in any way. It is just a strategic reversal of tactical use.

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