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November 18, 2012


Gerry N.

Up nawth heah in far away exotic down town Mountlake Terrace, we, that is I have noticed some power fluctuations and the wind is picking up. It has been raining heavily since dark last night and is now raining just as heavily only at 45 degrees. I've got several kerosene lanterns, an Aladin lamp and many gallons of kerosene. Also a very nice two burner propane stove and three full BBQ propane tanks as well as a good supply of 16.4 Oz. canisters and two propane lanterns. I prefer kerosene light as it is quiet, not the annoying hiss of propane. There's a Japanese kerosene fueled radiant heater in the shed. If needed, I'll dust it off, fill it and bring it in the house. A few old sheets tacked up across the front room will keep the heat in the front room and kitchen. The rest of the house can freeze for all I care.

Gerry N.

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