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November 09, 2012



coincidence that the benghazi testimony was to begin shortly?

The director of the cia seemed to have himself an evil little grin in the shots I saw, kind of like a guy that had been bought off, and handsomely.


P.s. I mind a blog post by our Dear Dead Captain, Neptunus Lex. In it, he described an interview he had with a subordinate (and female) officer, whose uniform fit her very well, and she rocked it, if you know what I mean. He was very careful to leave the door to his office wide open during that interview, being aware of rocks and shoals ahead.


Never having been any kind of a horndog m'self, I seem to fail to understand why those guys do that Do ya think it might be female hypergamy to blame, as in teh wimminz go after the Alpha male who is very senior and powerful? And trip him and contrive to land underneath him? If one is a manly and masterful guy, it follows like the Sun rising every day, that wimmin will lust after him.

In other news, I have emitted a new blog post, about being old and feeble.

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