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December 14, 2012


Richard Bergerson

Granted, I may be totally off the wall (and if so - so be it!) but I long for the good old days before being "pc" - when third graders could fight (punch and wrestle) without it becoming such a big deal involving "authorities".
YES - bullying is wrong, no question there. But before we became so "pc", kids actually fought. Instead of some video game with no real consequences, fights tend to hurt both parties. They establish a power grid (flexible) and you don't be too wierd without paying the price, or learning to not shove your weirdness in everyone else's face. You learn to get along (conform) with your peers, or choose to be yourself and defend yourself. You couldn't wander through life completely self-centric, because your peers would inform you that your excretement DID stink. But it wasn't a total "Lord of the Flies" environment. Even the worst bully learned there were limits; you push someone too far, they will fight back - maybe physically, maybe telling parents, teachers or a strong friend.
Naw - it wasn't perfect; but kids had an intermediate option other than getting a gun and shooting someone or someones. And kids were told that they had rights, but also that they had equal responsibilities. Today you are selfish and self-centered, no one likes you, you can't/won't get along with others - you must have Asberger's and it is not your fault, you are disabled and entitled to disability benefits. It sure as all heck wasn't perfect in the old days; but we have gone too far, way too far, in the opposite direction. Wouldn't you rather have your kid (whether in grammer school or 30 years old) get into a physical fight rather than shoot someone or be shot - since them games make shooting easy with minimal negative impact? Just maybe we ought to even promote hunter education so non-vets learn that real life guns and their impact are substancially different than some imaginary video game screen?

Patriot Padre

Dog... I sincerely believe the Spirit of God has spoken genuinely through your heart and the words you've penned! I grievously feel your tears and your pain, BUT... never forget who the real perpetrator of this confusion, misery and pain is... it's Satan! If one believes in a God... then one must also believe in a Satan. Satan is the author of all evil, despair and confusion. Mourn for the dead... feel sorry for the loss, but RALLY and REJOICE in the spirit and confidence that God knows what's happening and has control over the circumstances and will prevail as victor in the end and all who believe and trust in His Son as Savior, will survive and enjoy an eternal security and happiness beyond comprehension! While tragic, mind numbing and confusing... don't be distracted and deterred from the final goal! Have faith and keep fighting the good battle. While Satan would have you believe otherwise, the deaths of these children are not in vain! God will win in the end and overcome evil!


As a second-grader I remember playing "Bombs over Tokyo", pretending to be a fighter airplane in a dogfight. This was just a few years after WW II. But I didn't grow up to shoot anyone, let alone kids in kindergarten. I had my problems with my mother, but I never thought to shoot her! The best thing now may be to remember that millions of kids and young adults (and older adults, too) play violent video games and keep it straight in their minds that it's just a game. So it's not the games (not that I like them - I also think wild driving games have something to do with the atrocious level of driving we see now). The culprit is that young man, the shooter, and the systems that failed him when he needed to be spotted, and brought to some effective sort of care.

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