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December 13, 2012


Patriot Padre

I agree with Bill.... well said and spot-on! I'm not anti union, but I support right to work law. Anyone saying they believe in freedom, but opposing right to work, does not truly believe in freedom. Our founding fathers understood balance of power when they created the framework for our government... and power is the operative word. We have 3 branches of government... executive, legislative and judicial. Logic should follow we have 3 primary influences in politics... Democrats, Republicans and Independents and 3 main influences in the workplace... unions, non-unions and management. What we're seeing happen before our eyes is corruption, greed and self serving agenda buying power and resulting in no balance or common good. A 3rd influence in the mix off-sets the extremes and keeps things in check!


And BTW, I can't stand Doug the mesothelioma victim, either. At least I know that a) it isn't just aimed at our Central and Southern Oregon country rubes, and b) it isn't just on Dish Network.


Regarding the North Korean nukes and China. Everyone on this side of the Pacific seems to forget that China and NK are next door neighbors. China can't afford to piss off the Yung Un. Or his generals. They have to look firm and unyielding, of course. So they frown a lot down their noses at their crazy neighbors. China is used to this - has lots of crazy neighbors, and a long, long history of it. Why, after all, did they build the Great Wall? A hmm occurred to me when I heard that the NK satellite failed in orbit, was "out of control". Didn't the Chinese develop and demonstrate some kind of satellite and/or missile that shoots down other satellites? Hmmm.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hadn't heard much about the control of the satellite. We or about 4 other space powers could have disrupted it's orbit. China could do that, we could, Eu SA could, France could, Russ could. Diplomatic sticky wicket to shoot down the missile, but the satellite's fair game.


Regarding the union thuggery, let me tell a story:

One night my brother and I were in a bar, and he said "Want to play some full contact pinnball?" Not knowing what that was, but up for anything fun, I said sure, and we both popped quarters in the machine.

I went first, and was concentrating on the ball, waiting until just the right moment to hit the flipper, when my brother grabbed my hand, mashed my fingers into the flipper button, throwing my timing out the window, and I helplessly watched as the ball bounced down the drain. At that moment, I realized what full contact pinball was. I laughed so hard that I almost fell down, and when it was his turn, I did all sorts of crap to him, like throw my coat on top of the glass, grabbing his arm at critical times, etc. Great, harmless fun, but a total waste of our pinball money.

It occurs to me that these union thugs have been playing full-contact politics, while we have been playing the regular kind. If we stay within the rules of decorum and law, there is no way to counter the moves they make.

Anybody who speaks at a right-to-work rally without five bodyguards is just asking for it. Any union thug who attacks somebody with five bodyguards is also asking for it, and should get it, in spades. I'm talking about citizens arrest, handcuffs, pepper spray, brass knuckles, guns, knives, bullet-proof vests, helmets, and violent takedowns, coerced confessions and naming of co-conspirators. We are way behind in this game, and we better get started catching up.

The alternative is thugocracy, forever.

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