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January 31, 2013



I get that several times a week here, just outside of Silicon Valley. They sweep the cattle ranch across the street at night. Damn, they are loud! The entire ranch is a hillside, so the sound rolls right down to the houses. They don't make any noise during the day when they search through peoples backyards. Or nighttime, either, come to think of it. Did you know they can climb wooden fences? I kept finding one in my backyard, a female, I think. Middle of the day. She would come in to eat the figs that have fallen on the ground. One night I popped into the yard from the side alley, and heard some scrambling noises. Turned my flashlight on, and there she was, standing on the top runner of the back redwood fence. That is at least 6' tall. She seemed somewhat annoyed that I was in HER yard.
Just realized I haven't seen her for some time, now. Maybe she got tired of figs :)


Used to have that lovely sound around here, until developers cut down the old trees and built houses all over the hills.

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