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January 22, 2013



No one trolls here, Rivrsis. If I thought either you or Gerry were trolls, you'd be on that List (yes, I have a barred-list). As for respecting the President, I have some respect for the Office of President left, because the Founders wanted me to have that respect, but I notice that they also gave me the Second Amendment...


Hey bro: I rarely had my mouth washed out with that Lava soap, and it was usually because either you or our brother blamed me for something you did, and she believed you. And I got the full Lava soap treatment - had the bar put into my mouth and rubbed around. Aaagh - don't even want to remember it.

Could this be one of those occasions? There's a bad taste in my mouth after looking beyond the fold. I was taught, as no doubt were you, to respect the President, even if you didn't like him (my dad didn't like most Presidents, and my mother kept her mouth shut about it).

I won't comment on the comment - I NEVER respond to trolls.

Gerry N.

Well, that was easy.

Every time that S.O.B. opens his pie hole, a lie comes out, some bigger, some smaller, but always a lie. It's what he is, what he has been and what he will always be. A liar. And his utterly tasteless, classless, POS wife.

Gerry N.

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