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January 11, 2013


Richard Bergerson

Excuse me all to heck. I'm not a real gun person, although I do own a varment .22 rifle, and am considering buying the Mrs. a handgun - come tax-return time.
Do I have this correct? We have a constitutional right to bear arms, but one cannot carry an unloaded rifle? Well, unless it be slung on a shoulder sling (otherwise it might be "considered" intimidating or threatening) and unless one holds a concealed handgun permit for this blatently unconcealed (and unarmed) weapon?
Now that's enough to make me wet my pants! If that's currently accepted mentality, anything I buy in the future will have to be off the record.

Diogenes T. Cynic

You ought to be questioning the statement of the paper (maybe they lied about the numbers, or don't count very well, or don't understand sarcasm, or maybe they just flat lied, or maybe the paper is so left wing that no self respecting gun owner would use it to wrap fish). And were these comments from 1640 different people, or two pants-wetters and one calm, reasonable gun advocate? That skews the numbers too.

And you should question the police statistics too: were the ten calls from ten separate people, or one "Nervous Nelly" with a cell phone, following them and making repeated hysterical calls. You also need to realize that out of all the people who saw the "parade", only ten (or fewer, if there were repeats) people worried enough about it to call 911. That isn't too bad, actually.

Pants-wetters are always gonna wet their pants. I am heartened that there were so few.

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