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February 21, 2013



I don't have a problem with open carry as long as it doesn't create fear. I open carry regularly in the fields and woods of this gret stet, but I try hard to not bother people with it. The mark of a gentleman is that he never acts rudely, accidentally, and causing un-necessary apprehension in the general public is rude.

I have, on occasion, forgotten that I was strapped and inadvertently walked into an establishment carrying a handgun openly. During those occasions I encountered one of two responses. Either the people inside the establishment didn't see the gun, or chose not to comment on it, or the response was "Cool. What are you carring?" One one occasion I had forgotten and heard a little boy behind me in line "Momma, that man is carrying a gun." Momma said "Smith and Wesson 66, from the looks of it." I turned and smiled my friendliest smile and she reciprocated.

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