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February 24, 2013



I concur with Patriot Padre on the choice of radio stations. We now have an all-classical, all the time radio station here, and I leave the set tuned to that, the talk radio having seriously gotten on my nerves lately. There is nothing which soothes the mind as much as listening to Mozart, and Telemann, and Bach, and Haydn, and their ilk. Of course, sometimes they offer to play some Ravel, and then I just have to turn the radio off until I figure it's over. I had to play the clarinet part to Ravel's "Bolero" when I was in high school. I swear it left scars on my neurons.


Well, damn, Sir, just damn! You try real hard to stay alive, please? I say that for selfish reasons, as I like reading what you write. You do have my prayers, of course, as always. We grumpy old farts need to stick together, too.


I read the Padre's advice, and you should take it to heart (literally)!

Patriot Padre

Sorry to hear all this, but remember... they didn't call you "Mad Dog" on the streets for nothing... time to get tough soldier! I've tried most all the BP meds over the past 10 years and usually after a few months, I'd have one problem or another. I've been taking Verapamil 180MG once a day and it's kept things in check without adverse side affects. I know since I've cut back on watching news and listening to talk show radio and started listening to classical music, my heart palpitations have greatly subsided. Guess I better take you off my news "alert" pass along list for a while. Be keep'in ya in my prayers bro... if ya need ANYTHING, let me know... AND keep look'n up!

Aamir Ilyas

You collected some nice info.....


Been on Metroprolol since first diagnosed 'round '04 or thereabouts. Just last month, increased dose from 25mg 2x/day, to 3x/day.

So, I'm lucky as hell, a fairly low dose knocks down what was 210/110 danger range of numbers, to 135/90 zones.

A good side effect of the Metro...... my MD says I can take an additional 25mg if necessary. I'm double blessed, cause I can very accurately FEEL my own BP, no cuff needed to know when it's high.

That extra 25 mg allowance also comes in handy 90 min before precision rifle shooting. Lower BP = less bouncing in the scope.

They've got you on what is for me, a good med. Hope you get similar results in the long run!

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX


Have you taken any OTC meds in the past couple months? It's possible you may have had an adverse side effect.
A year ago, I took a cough control pill containing the drug that is contained in most OTC cough syrups, which I was never able to take due to the syrup giving me the heaves. Caused a heart arrhythmia that lasted for months.
Your doc is correct about that stress test. Google it. Bad history. They wanted me to do that. Told them no way, not the way I was feeling.

Can you do a temporary hold on the Class2 DL? Yeah, I know, that sounds too logical for DMV!


Watch out for that Lisinopril. One of the side affects is a nasty chronic cough. (all day & night) Beam & I both had to go off of it. Also, walking helps bring down the blood pressure. Take care of yourself.


Hang in there, bro. We need you back in good shape. Hope the metoprolol (or whatever it is) continues kicking in more.

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