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February 05, 2013


Richard Bergerson

I'm not particularly anti-pot, although it does seem to be rather dumb to break the law when I'm happy with mid-range Scotch or beer (cheap to yuppie range).
Is it God's joke or a government plot that there is no test that I am aware of determining state of pot influence, but there are tests that will show whether one smoked a fair amount two weeks ago?
For God's sake, pipe tobacco smokers such as myself and cigarette smokers like my best beloved are so villified by the majority anti-smoking faction, will stinky pot ever be legalized by the majority? (Okay, pot may have less harmful chemicals added - until it is commercialized and big business gets involved.)
Having held and cherished a Class A CDL for numerous decades, I am totally against any and all mind-altering or mellowing influence when driving.
'Tis a wonderment.

Mountain Mike

BLUE MANURE"!!!!!!!!!!!!


Legalize it. Should cut the population down a few percentage points right off the bat.

EDITOR'S NOTE: yeah, you're right, attrittion, except I don't want the stoners attritting out against ME. Laws of physics, and all that.

Anthony L.

I smoke myself, and I agree with you fully. While I would never operate a vehicle or otherwise endanger anyone else while under the influence, there are obviously people who will. Until that is worked out, I am against legalization.

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