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February 22, 2013


Gerry N.

Paw Paw beat me to it. Firearms are not complex machines and can be fabricated in any half decent home shop. I have a small lathe, a small vertical mill, a drill press and much tooling. A first gun would be somewhat time consuming, but the second and those coming later would be knocked out more and more quickly. I'd stick to .22's and 9mm's as tooling for those is easily come by or fabricated and drilling the barrels is within my capabilities. For short range (25-50) yards and short barrels (10" or so), I see small need for rifling. Also, self loaders and full auto arms are often simpler than manually operated ones. If memory serves, the UZI was originally designed to be built mostly on a drill press. The only thing I'd have trouble with is making magazines. I know sheet metal guys who wouldn't give it a second thought, though.

I would guess, as you did, that there are hundreds of thousands of guys like me who are ignorant of our incapabilities, so can and do make things that our lords and masters think impossible without cadres of Kollitch Edumacated engineers and large factories.


If you can't build an M3A1 in any decent machine shop (and a number of well-equipped home garages), you've got no business calling yourself a fabricator.

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