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March 26, 2013


Richard Bergerson

I COMPLETELY agree. I suppose my first marriage (17 years worth) was a "marriage". A forever marriage was our intention, was performed in a church and produced kids. My second marriage may have been a "civil union"? Justice of the peace, surgically impossible for kids. We consider it a marriage and don't give a damn what anyone else calls it.
Methinks much ado about a mere word. I understand, relate to and support those that cherish and respect the term "marriage". With no malicious or intentional disrespect to the gays, call your unions "civil unions" instead of fighting to usurp the meaning of the word "marriage". Please feel free to call my marriages "civil unions" - they are that, and I think more.
If I was gay, I think I would want the rights of a civil union to be equal to that of a marriage (and would include divorce and support obligations lest it only be "shacking up".) But picking a fight over a word that they don't need, and don't respect like I do, is picking a fight with someone a lot meaner than they are. I suggest we settle the matter of word usage via a board of arbitration. Said board to consist of one four foot long 2X4 in between self and civil union advocates that want to fight over the "m" word.

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