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March 19, 2013



Yikes mountainmike, me thinks you need to get out a bit more.

As for your points mrdog, I agree 100%-I'd add mandatory use of E-verify for all employment and real estate transactions. Also immediately deport any illegals in prison.

Windy Wilson

As I recall it is that Anchor Baby policy that compels pregnant women in foreign countries to crawl onto U.S. Military bases while in the final contractions of their pregnancy to cause their babies to be born on American soil, endangering said baby in the process.

Mountain Mike

Until you expose the Jesuits/Vatican as the source behind all
of this, you might as well piss into the east wind. People including most law enforcement are part of the masonic order,knights of columbus,all secret societies are the clandestine network of evil that obey everything that fricking peophile and jesuits want done to take total global control, and it's why the catholics need to recant or be deported since they so endorse and support this evil demonic cultic system known as "catholicism" IT IS NOT CHRISTIANITY BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION. THEIR SYSTEM OF WORKS IS TOTALLY CONTRARY TO THE BIBLE!!!!!!!!

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