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March 28, 2013



I have read that we are born with only two instinctive fears; fear of falling and fear of loud sudden noises. More lately, I have read that we have an instinctive fear of the vision of human skulls. The argument for that one is that early hominids couldn't do much against big cats, and human skulls lying around were evidence that big cats had been there recently, eating us. This may account for the skull and crossbones on poison labels, pirate flags, and some German uniforms, even pre-Nazi.

Mayhap this is why some philosophers used to keep human skulls on their desks, as a memento mori, and "Don't waste time, slacker!", and also to sport the attitude that, being cool-headed philosophers, they weren't afraid of Horrible Screaming Death.

Speaking of Horrible Screaming Death, just how well did those downwards-ejection seats in the B-52s work?

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