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April 14, 2013


Roxanne Ross

These table decorations were only available at one table because the person sponsoring our table made them - me. The red foil streamers were a bit less falling out while still on the table, The blue portion at the bottom is a shot glass necklace, LOL, so it could potentially be useful too. All items were purchased at Dollar Tree making them only $4 to contruct. What fun! The speakers at our dinner were Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Center and Sheriff Tim Mueller of Linn County Oregon. Incredibly informative. I wish I could have typed fast enough to take notes while Alan was speaking. Watch the Wall Street Journel on Monday for the shocking reveal that Mr Gottlieb shared with us Friday night. Oh- and before I forget - I think you should take a new look at the Multnomah County Republican Party. Our chair, Jefff Reynolds, who is in his second term as chair is also on the Oregon Tea Party PAC board, is a former chair of the Multtnomah County Chapter of Americans For Prosperity, is on twitter as@chargerjeff, blogs on 54-40 or Fight, and is active with Freedom Works. We are not quite what people expect when you say Republican Party in Oregon!

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