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April 10, 2013


Titan Mk6B

And when that happens don't think you will be able to hide them in your home. I imagine search warrants will be easy to obtain at that point.


...and goose-stepping Sturmtruppen make easy targets. If you followed my advice from, say, eight years ago, you would have changed out most of your firearms from FFL-purchased (compromised) to private-purchased (safer). You would have already dispersed them so no single raid could get them all. Your HOME gun safe should have only the FFL-purchased guns in it.

When any real Federal gun-grab starts, it will be short-lived. The relatively minor amount of blood shed will nevertheless be enough to either tip the government over to total tyranny, and they'll lose Civil War Two, or it will cause a sizable chunk of the Left to join with the right and call for an end to the gun-grab. In either case, we will win. Only the SERIOUS cool-aid drinkers can't see this.

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