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April 26, 2013



Careful what you put in your bins. I've noticed some of the trucks have video setups so the driver can see what is coming out of the bin while it is overhead.


I put any sort of electronic widget on the curb the night before trash pickup. If small enough, I'll set it up on top of one of the bins. Lots of people cruise around looking for stuff to recycle. Almost always gone by the time the trash guys arrive.

Some are idiots, though. I put out a working 21" CRT monitor one time, with note taped to it informing it was operational. Someone came along and cut off the video data cord, and left the monitor. Hell of a lot more copper inside, plus gold contacts, lead, etc.

BTW, that monster weighed about 96 lbs. Probably 60 lbs of lead shielding. Didn't think about lead for future bullet casting. Tossed two of them. Hmmm, wonder how much is in my 36" tv? Requires two to move it.

Gerry N.

Any time I need to dump an electronic product that the local solid waste charges for, I wrap it in two black trash bags and put it in the regular garbage. Yeah, it's illegal. So? Scroom, allovem.

My other method is simply to dump whatever it is on the steps of city hall during the wee hours and let the politicos handle it.

Gerry N.

My Son-in-Law is a certified computer geek. Earns his living doing it. He told me to stick to the low end HP printers because they will work flawlessly for about ten years before they go chichas arriba. A $100 printer for ten years. Cheap. Yes, the cartridges are spendy, but with the recycle and refill promos from the various office supply big box stores, affordable.

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