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April 08, 2013



Doug the mesothelioma victim. He must be dead by now. At least get another "victim" to chase ambulances with. I agree with the "Housewives of ..." poster, too. "I lost xxx pounds on _______" commercials. Male enhancement ads. Replacement of a competent newscaster nearing the age of 35 with a bottle blonde who can hardly read the news. Same with weather people. UFO/Bigfoot/"miracle" reality shows. Bible thumping old guys. Any Bible thumping propaganda. My Mama trained me not to proselytize, and that it's wrong, not polite, bad for society.

Anthony L.

Obama doing anything. Agenda item with the Victim Group which he thinks illustrates it.


A SImleMan

Any show that has "The Real Housewives of..." in the title.
The Jersey Shore, I live there and those kids piss me off.
Commercials that have sad piano music and show cats and dogs asking "what did I do wrong"

Gerry N.

Da Missus like to watch teevee. I don't. So any time the teevee makes noise of any kind, I want not just to mash the off button, but to put a load of 12ga shot through it.

Does this make me a bad person. Din't think so.

Gerry N.

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