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May 31, 2013



As somebody who used to fly model airplanes when young, I still miss the smell of the half-burnt castor oil from the glow fuel. A few years back I was dining al fresco with the then-sweety, who is good at botany. She identified the pretty bushes around the patio as castor-bean bushes. This was right after the first ricin scare. We both giggled and had another drink.

Gerry N.

"Facts" and "Statistics" have things in common. Mark Twain said that there are three kinds of lies. "Lies" "Damned Lies" and "Statistics" These "facts' as reported by the Lame Slime Media come under the penumbra of "Statistics" I rely on one thing to discern the truth. If it is in the "Main Slime Media" there's a 95% probability of it being a "Damned Lie" and a 5% probability of it being a "Statistic." Not to be believed in any case.

Simple, no?


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