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May 22, 2013



Heh. "Think like an engineer." And you say yer not autistic? Hahahahaha! They don't call it "engineers' disease" for nuthin.

It's OK. Most of the "normals" are a bunch of poo-flinging monkeys, IMHO.

Gerry N.


Whatcha think about the I-5 bridge over the Skagit River collapsing after it's superstructure taking a hit from an oversized load? There are several bridges in that portion of the I-5 corridor that have visible and disturbing corrosion damage. When one can see connecting plates on bridge sections that are rusted out, and have been for ten or more years, one begins to think the State.Gov has too many people on the payroll and not enough $$$$ going to infrastructure.

The problem as I see it is no accountability. If all the heads of the concerned departments who were in office when the problems were discovered were personally liable for either monetary damages or prison time for mis and mal feasance these things would be taken care of "toot sweet", don't you think?

Gerry N.

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