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June 08, 2013



Living here in Southern Flarduh, I get to spray lots of DEET on me. I can smell it when I pee, I can taste it when I drink. Ughh.


I got some Goo-Gone and it didn't even get rid of the goo, let alone smelling (or tasting) good. Just smeared it around. I wonder what the BBQ food tasted like!

Gerry N.

Sounds a bit like using DMSO for joint pain. I tried it once, ONCE! Everything tasted like clams and I thoroughly dislike clams. So, no more industrial solvents used as medications for me. The clam taste went away in a few hours, and the joint pain came back at the same time. As I remember nitrile gloves weren't availabe back then. I wear 'em a lot nowadays so I don't get solvents in me quite so easily. Must be getting paranoid/cautious in my old age.

The only solvents I want in me are water and Single Malt Scotch, just not at the same time. There are enough of them that trying one a month will last me until I'm over a hundred and fifteen. It is truly a fun hobby.

Gerry N.


I read your suggestions, but I'm sticking with Jim Black and Coke.

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