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June 06, 2013



Mayhap that means yer liver is working right, and getting all of that nasty stuff out of you. Of course, you'll never be a patch on Og, or even Amanda Baggs, when it comes to crapblogging. I mind Og's exploding toilet story.


It sounds (smells?) like you may have a food allergy that has snuck up on you. I've had a few turn up in the past few years, that are very annoying. Normally, I get some stomach pain shortly after eating the offender, and I may or may not have to go commune with the big white fixture within the hour. Othertimes, it seems to manifest just as a noticeable smell, and I can usually connect that with the substance.

Lately, it's been potatoes, cranberries, raspberries, corn, and oats. This apparently runs in the family, as one of my sisters tells me she tested positive for 40 items, with one of hers sons running similar numbers, but not an identical list.

BTW, one big offender for me is virtually all of the fake sugars. Most upset my GI tract. Stevia just tastes bad, and Aspartame causes skin problems big time. Saccharin was fine, until they started making their own aspartame (patent expired) and contaminated their production lines with it. Stupid gits.


You're supposed to be saving that stuff in case they take away our guns!

donna B

When you are really full of it, you tend to have that problem.

Ragin' Dave

Brother, if it's that bad that's not an allergy, that's a reserve bio-weapon just waiting to be employed!

I gotta ask - what did you eat that caused such a powerful result? I could have a use for that in the future.....


This post is perfect for Reddit!

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