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June 30, 2013


Gerry N.

The Weather Weenies on the noos last night were screeching something about "Excessive Heat Warning!!" with no furter clarification. More proof that they have less knowlege about weather than the rilly kool wooden guy in my back yard who saws wood any time there's wind enough to turn his propellor. And that they will read without understanding it anything that shows on their teleprompters.

I think I'll make a Weather mill like that with a big ol' crow peckin' the bejeezus out of a Weather Weenie's head.


I don't like the term "elderly" for myself at age 65.
I prefer "upper middle aged" as it just sounds better :)



The screaming headline doesn't say "Government, Protect the Elderly". It's yelling at YOU to protect some elderly. Get back inside with your AC and protect yourself properly. Heh heh.

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